Reason and the River: Fowl Meadow and The Ghost of I-95

Fowl Meadow and The Ghost of I-95 Blog #3 By Will Reason The Skyline Trail of the Blue Hills Reservation does a strange thing. After ascending the magnificent Great Blue Hill, it dives back down and stubbornly continues. The trail climbs up the appropriately-named Little Blue Hill, then meanders through a forest that stands a […]

Reason and the River: Sunrise on Reservoir Pond

Sunrise on Reservoir Pond Blog #2 by Will Reason As I paddled through its placid morning waters, the sheer magnitude of Canton’s Reservoir Pond struck me. About a mile across at its broadest, the pond, which connects to the Neponset River via the Pequit Brook, sat there peacefully and invitingly. Ringed by houses and motorboats […]

Reason and the River: Shade and Seclusion in Hyde Park

Shade and Seclusion in Hyde Park Blog #1 by Will Reason Few of the shoppers who congregate each weekend at the Stop & Shop® just off of Truman Parkway are aware that mere yards from where they’ve parked snakes a band of wild river, hiding its meandering course from the prying eyes of civilization. It […]