Pulsing of Frog Calls

April 5, 2013 – Canton (Carly Rocklen) I visited Ponkapoag Pond and then a relatively small, man-made depression / aka wetland / aka tiny pond in the Blue Hills Reservation, just before dusk. The chorusing of Spring peepers, with a few American toads interspersed, and at a smaller pond – Wood frogs, pulsed around me, […]

NepRWA Opposes “Milton Mews” 40B Project

The Milton Mews is a 276-unit apartment complex proposed on Brush Hill Road in Milton. The project is being brought forward under the 40B affordable housing program. Unfortunately, the project is located deep inside the Fowl Meadow Area of Critical Environmental Concern. The Watershed Association to take the unusual step of opposing the development in its entirety.

Vernal Pools are Hopping!

These days, vernal pools are alive with spotted salamanders, wood frogs, and fairy shrimp. These ephemeral wetlands offer important sites for these small wildlife to mate and lay their eggs; because the pools don’t support fish, there is far less likelihood that the eggs will be eaten. Of late, on warm nights, in rainy weather,¬†spotted […]