Neponset Hits New Lows

As the drought of 2016 continues, the Neponset River Watershed marks new record low flows for July and August.

New MassDEP Commissioner a Good Choice

Over the last couple of weeks the Baker Administration has made a number of significant appointments to his new environmental team. Some of these include Mathew Beaton to head the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs and George N. Peterson to lead the MA Department of Fish and Game. Both are former legislators and while I […]

Neponset Water Management Act Planning Project

New report evaluates what requirements Neponset communities may face under revised water withdrawal permitting system and identifies options for making water supply activities more sustainable.

Water Conservation Advocacy

Thanks to the advocacy of the Watershed Association and other watershed groups, the state will soon be formally proposing new regulations for large groundwater withdrawals.

Water Conservation Program

Working with municipalities and residents, NepRWA helps to protect our critical and precious water resources. Over 120,000 residents of the Neponset Watershed rely on local groundwater for some or all of their drinking water.  Much of the groundwater in our watershed is being pumped out by public water suppliers before it can reach surface waters.  […]

Stormwater BMPs

Several different methods can be used when treating polluted stormwater runoff. Stormwater Runoff As water flows over impervious surfaces, like driveways, sidewalks, and streets, it gets contaminated as it picks up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants left on the ground. This polluted water then flows into catch basins or storm sewer systems and is […]