What is a Fish Kill?

While unsettling, it's not unusual to see dead fish floating along a lake or pond shoreline as the waters warm up.

NPDES Delegation Push Fails

The Baker Administration is pushing for the Mass Department of Environmental Protection to issue water pollution discharge permits, rather than using the US Environmental Protection Agency, which typically issues them.

Keeping Your Grass Legal

A new state law requires everyone—homeowners, lawn services, commercial property owners—to get a soil test before applying fertilizer that contains phosphorous to their lawn.

Regional Stormwater Efforts Expand

The Watershed Association brings together twelve communities and our regional planning agency to propose innovative regional collaborative to curb polluted runoff.

Proposed Sewer Rule Change Violates Clean Water Act

As part of its recent “permit streamlining” proposal, the MassDEP has proposed the repeal of allL state-permitting for sewer users. This includes permitting of the heaviest, dirtiest industries, no matter how toxic their wastewater may be or how ill-prepared local authorities are to regulate them.

Westwood’s Purgatory Brook Hit With Sewer Overflow

Last Thursday afternoon, a section of one of Westwood’s main sewer lines along Clapboardtree Street, just north of Washington Street, collapsed. The line carries sewage to the Mass Water Resources Authority trunk line. The resulting blockage caused sewage to back up in the system and ultimately to overflow into nearby Purgatory Brook. The Westwood Department […]

Stormwater Surveys

Pollutant-infused stormwater is one of the biggest challenges facing watersheds and water quality. With few exceptions, most Neponset Watershed stormwater enters the river untreated – a major contributor to Neponset River’s failure to meet fishable/swimmable water quality standards during wet weather. Over the past few years, NepRWA has been working with towns to find the […]

Conserve Water at Home

There are many steps that we can all take to help conserve water around our homes and businesses. It’s up to all of us to use our water wisely and protect our resources. Upgrade to Water Efficient Appliances Advances in plumbing technology and design mean that faucets, showers, and toilets can use significantly less water […]