The Kids are Alright!

Students around the Neponset Watershed are learning about real world water issues and doing their part to get the message across.

Reducing Polluted Stormwater Runoff

We are reducing polluted stormwater runoff throughout the local communities across the Neponset Watershed with assistance from grants, partnerships, and volunteers.  When rain falls on hard surfaces it washes a number of pollutants into storm drains including: bacteria and parasites from pet waste chemicals from fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides Phosphorous from leaves and grass clippings snow/ice […]

New Rain Gardens at Stoughton School

The Joseph H. Gibbons Elementary School in Stoughton is slated to receive a major green infrastructure upgrade thanks to a partnership between the Stoughton Engineering Department, the Neponset River Watershed Association (NepRWA), and MassDEP. Two bioretention basins, an infiltration basin and and underground infiltration chamber, designed to collect and filter polluted stormwater runoff from the […]

$137k for Stoughton Stormwater

The Gibbons School in Stoughton will be sporting new stormwater management features thanks to a recent grant proposal.

$137k Grant for Stoughton Stormwater

Soon the Gibbons School in Stoughton will be sporting some snazzy new stormwater management features thanks to a grant proposal written by the Watershed Association and the Stoughton Engineering Department.