Migratory Fish

Migratory fish, or “diadromous” fish, and their habitat have decreased throughout the Boston Harbor Watershed, of which Neponset River Watershed is a part. Fish that migrate between salt water, brackish water, and freshwater as part of their life cycle are called “migratory (diadromous) fish.” This group of fish also includes “anadromous” and “catadromous” species. Anadromous fish […]

Public Access

Expanding public access to the Neponset Watershed and River is an important way to share the beauty of the landscape and grow a coalition of stewards to protect the area. Our most extensive work has been to increase access along the lower Neponset River and Estuary in Mattapan, Dorchester, Milton, and Quincy. Neponset River Greenway […]

Recreation – Quincy test page

Under construction Explore Quincy! Body of text Write 2-3 sentences that describe Quincy. Add 6+ bullet points of NepRWA’s favorite spots to visit (look at www.neponset.org/recreation for Quincy list). great hiking great hiking great hiking great biking great paddling great fishing great picnicking Trail links/canoe launch info goes here add pdf, URL, etc from NepRWA […]