The Plastic Problem: How litter gets from us to the water

Photo: The Journey of Pollution Pollution is a major issue affecting the health of our waterbodies. More than 8 million tons of plastics and other trash finds its way to the ocean each year. According to research by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, if the rate of pollution does not decrease, there will be more […]

September 2019 CWMN Report

The Neponset River makes a comeback with better E. coli, Phosphorus, and Dissolved Oxygen levels in September.

August CWMN Update

Our August water quality results show the harmful effect that polluted stormwater runoff has on the river.

Fall 2019 River Cleanup: Recap

Last Saturday over 150 volunteers from all over the watershed and beyond gathered at 7 different locations along the Neponset River from Hyde Park to Mattapan to Milton to participate in the Neponset River Watershed Association’s 8th fall cleanup. People of all ages came together to clean up over 7 total miles of the river […]

Green Team on the River

In my experience, you don’t need to hang around the fly fishing community for very long before you come across the iconic phrase, “match the hatch”. What an incredibly simple, yet powerful concept! From what I’ve learned, selecting your fly based on the insects you find in the stream you’re fishing went mainstream with Schwiebert’s […]

Fowl Meadow Saves Boston’s Bacon

Acting like a sponge, Fowl Meadow absorbs massive quantities of flood waters and protects communities downstream, mainly Boston and Milton.

Lessons from a Tough Summer for the River

The drought of 2016 will go down as one for the record books in the Neponset Watershed, with the lowest average flows in 76 years of record keeping in July, August, and likely to set records this fall. The impacts on the river have been significant. As this photo of the Neponset in South Walpole […]

Photos: Hyde Park Paddle with Martha

Yesterday NepRWA Board Member Martha McDonough and I pushed off from Martini Shell Park on Truman Highway in Hyde Park to scope out cleanup sites for the fall. There were 26 goslings and 4 adults around the launch. Just past the 1st RR bridge there is a large channel-edge bar covered with river birch saplings. […]

Road Widening Project Affects River

MassDOT is working on a new project in the Neponset River Watershed as part of their overall widening of the I-95 and I-93 highway interchange.

$4.25m for Clean up of Port Norfolk Site

The following article appeared in the Dorchester Reporter on December 11, 2013. A parcel of land in Port Norfolk will see an influx of $4.25 million in fix-up funding over the next three fiscal years, according to a plan that state officials laid out on Thursday. Civic activists have been pushing the state for decades […]

Photos: River Clean Up in Hyde Park

  On Saturday Aug. 24, 2013, 115 volunteers assembled at 8:30 AM at the canoe launch near the Martini Shell at Truman Highway in Hyde Park to remove debris of all kinds from the bed of the adjacent Neponset River. Teams were dispatched by land and water to three locations: Stop & Shop, the Glenwood […]

Milton Conservation Comm. Bushwhacks Neponset

At the end of March, the Milton Conservation Commission toured the state Dept. of Conservation and Recreation’s proposed extension of the Neponset River Trail, from the Central Avenue bridge, about a mile upstream to the site of a new 150-ft bridge that will connect with Ryan Playground in Mattapan. The tour traversed a portion of […]