Watery Weed Pull

Recently, a group of 25 volunteers joined NepRWA staff to remove water chestnut from Silk Mill Pond in Canton.

Reason and the River: Sunrise on Reservoir Pond

Sunrise on Reservoir Pond Blog #2 by Will Reason As I paddled through its placid morning waters, the sheer magnitude of Canton’s Reservoir Pond struck me. About a mile across at its broadest, the pond, which connects to the Neponset River via the Pequit Brook, sat there peacefully and invitingly. Ringed by houses and motorboats […]


  Note that all driving directions are given as if starting out from the center of the watershed. Also, abbreviations are as follows: N, S, E, W = North, South, East, West R, L = Right, Left NB, SB = North Bound, South Bound (town name) = toward named town Messenger Street Playground Fishing, walking. […]

Road Widening Project Affects River

MassDOT is working on a new project in the Neponset River Watershed as part of their overall widening of the I-95 and I-93 highway interchange.

21 Years in the Making, A New Park for Canton

After years of waiting, the Farnham-Connolly State Park (AKA the Canton Airport) is finally open, offering access to a lovely six acre passive use park off Neponset Street in Canton, and 232 acres of beautiful freshwater marshes and wetland habitats along the Neponset River.

Legislation Filed to Protect Fowl Meadow

From Neponset River Watershed Association Executive Director, Ian Cooke: Almost two decades ago, the Neponset River Watershed Association applied for (and got) Area of Critical Environmental Concern status for the Fowl Meadow in partnership with several area towns. The Fowl Meadow includes the central floodplain of the Neponset River which runs from Norwood through Sharon, […]

Pulsing of Frog Calls

April 5, 2013 – Canton (Carly Rocklen) I visited Ponkapoag Pond and then a relatively small, man-made depression / aka wetland / aka tiny pond in the Blue Hills Reservation, just before dusk. The chorusing of Spring peepers, with a few American toads interspersed, and at a smaller pond – Wood frogs, pulsed around me, […]