Beating the Heat, Boston-Style

Wading, Watching Dogs & Savoring a Ponkapoag Vista A hot, humid day in late-spring found me in our Boston home, envisioning our youngster running around on a peaceful beach. I wondered how best we could leave our city environs to revel in open space and a peaceful water vista, but not spend a lot of […]

Legislation Filed to Protect Fowl Meadow

From Neponset River Watershed Association Executive Director, Ian Cooke: Almost two decades ago, the Neponset River Watershed Association applied for (and got) Area of Critical Environmental Concern status for the Fowl Meadow in partnership with several area towns. The Fowl Meadow includes the central floodplain of the Neponset River which runs from Norwood through Sharon, […]

Wee Beetles: Out & About, Controlling Purple Loosestrife

Every year, around the last week in April / first week in May, Galerucella calmariensis and G. pusilla beetles emerge from their underground winter shelters to feed on the young shoots of exotic, invasive Purple loosestrife.

Pulsing of Frog Calls

April 5, 2013 – Canton (Carly Rocklen) I visited Ponkapoag Pond and then a relatively small, man-made depression / aka wetland / aka tiny pond in the Blue Hills Reservation, just before dusk. The chorusing of Spring peepers, with a few American toads interspersed, and at a smaller pond – Wood frogs, pulsed around me, […]