September 2019 CWMN Report

The Neponset River makes a comeback with better E. coli, Phosphorus, and Dissolved Oxygen levels in September.

August CWMN Update

Our August water quality results show the harmful effect that polluted stormwater runoff has on the river.

Water Quality Data – May 2016

The first┬áCitizen Water Monitoring Network (CWMN) sampling event of the year took place on Thursday,┬áMay 19. Our volunteers helped to sample from 41 different sites within the Neponset Watershed, and the below map illustrates the bacteria results we received. Red and orange dots on this map indicate areas along the watershed that are not safe […]

Water Quality Data October 2015

Our Citizen's Water Monitoring Network (CWMN) program has wrapped up for another year with our last sampling event in October. Results show a healthy river in many places, but some problem spots remain.

Water Quality Data – May 2015

Results from the May 2015 CWMN sampling showed overall low bacteria levels for the watershed due to low precipitation and high snow melt. There were a few sampling sites with higher levels like MEB001 and MLB024.

Water Quality Data: October 2014

Our monthly results from the Citizen's Water Monitoring Network October sampling show improved flow around the watershed as well as lower bacteria levels than previous months.

The Effect of Stormwater on Water Quality

In May, we had our second watershed-wide sampling event. You can view previous results from April, as well as previous years, for some comparison, but the big takeaway message from the results in May is the impact that stormwater can have on water quality. For each sampling event, we pay particular attention to how much […]