Our Spring Cleanup Was a HUGE Success

The weather leading up to the Neponset River Spring Cleanup was ominous but the rain held off for a few hours and the event turned out to be a huge success!

Although it was very windy, more than 250 volunteers showed up with plenty of enthusiasm! In just three short hours, they collected approximately 20 tons of trash from multiple sites at the edge of the River, marsh areas, and abutting parks.

View photos of the cleanup

We collected approximately 30 TONS of trash, which included:

  • Over 400 trash bags
  • car doors
  • 3 sheets hard insulation (likely blown from nearby construction sites)
  • 4 dock bumpers
  • 80 hypodermic needles
  • 2 half sheets plywood  (4×4)
  • dozens of tennis balls
  • hundreds of plastic water bottles (most common item retrieved)
  • 1 television
  • two 30 yard dumpsters of lumber, dock pieces
  • 15 tires
  • 2 toilets
  • 1 truckload of fiberglass shingles/siding
  • 25 large pipes
  • 1 Quincy conservation sign
  • 3 lawn chairs
  • rebar
  • construction materials
  • lumber
  • many dozens of glass beer bottles
  • plastic nip bottles
  • foil and plastic food packaging
  • styrofoam take-out boxes
  • thousands of small plastic bits

The Heroes of the Day

None of this would have been possible without the help of MANY kind hearted and generous individuals, groups, and sponsors, and we owe them a huge THANK YOU!


ENE, Systems, Inc., BSC Group, Budget Dumpster, Fruit Center Marketplace, Fuss & O’Neill, GZA Geoenvironmental, Roche Bros.

Site Captains:

Pat Alvarez, Erik Bankey, Terry Dolan, Silas Fyler, Jim Green, John Hahnfeld, Eric Hall, Jerry Hopcroft, Taber Keally, Ryan Kingston, Maria Lyons, Rory McGregor, Vivien Morris, Phil Paradis, Lara Saavedra.

Partners & Groups:

MassDCR, BSC Group, Edgewater Drive Neighborhood Association, Friends of the Boston Harbor Walk, Gioioso and Sons Construction, Greater Boston Trout Unlimited, Growing Women in Science/UMass Boston, GZA Geoenvironmental, Keep Hyde Park Beautiful, New England Aquarium, Quincy Asian Resources, State Street Asian Professionals Alliance.

Individuals (We hope we didn’t miss anyone in this long list!):

Fedlin Antoine, John Aprea, Carmen Assang, Heather Audet, Craig Austin, Michael Azuma, Claire Bain, Yigal Banker, Sue Bartlett, Edward Berry, Sue Bisaillon, Sara Bistany, Kevin Bleau, Helena Bleau, Carie Bleau, Kristin Bourn, Jeanne Bronk, Sarah Brooks, Phil Brown, Liz and Greg Buchanan, Rayna Burke, Allison Burson, Peter Byerly, Liz  Carey, Sandy Carr, Kathleen Carspecken, Mike Cedeno, Rockey Chan, Azzeddine Charyf, Lydia Chow, Rui Coelho, Seth Cohen, Brian Collins, Sen. Nick Collins, Barbara Conwell, Meredith Cook, Ian Cooke, Cathy Copeland, Caitlin Crandall, Rep. Dan Cullinane, Erin D’Agostino, Megan D’Agostino, Kerry D Agostino, Dlynzee Damas, Jessie  Dambreville, Gayle Davidson, Laura Davis, Bonnie Dinsmore, Siobhan Dumas, Isabella Dumond, Bruce Dyer, Jon Dyer, Ursula Elsinger, Steven Farley, Layla Ferland, John Fiegel, Andre Filadelfo, Diana Fitek, Nancy Fyler, Victoria Gail, Tiago Garcia, Olive Gargiulo, Jeannette Genova, Laurie Gibeau, Karen Glover, Cecily Graham, Joseph Greeley, Daniel  Green, Mary Hall, Chris Halleen, John Hayes, Abby Hayhurst, Michael Hayhurst, David Hearne, Nathalie Herholz, Kris Hewes, Jesse Hinricher, Chris Hirsch, Bishop Nicolas Homicil, Cathy Horn, Ed Hoskins, Michael Houle, Lisa Howe, Jovan Hsu, Jim Hu, Devin Ingersoll, Kendra Jacomo, Keyla Jimenez, Tony Johnson, Ruth Johnstone, Coleman Joyce, The Joyce Family, Clare Kenney, Fran Kilmurray, Donald King, Betsy Klein, Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch, John Kramer, Scott Kriscenski, William Langhauser, Regina Laskowski, Annie LaVigne, Paige  Legasey, Brian Legasey, Amy Liang, Edward Liang, Megan Liggett, Danielle LoPiccolo, Heidi Lyne, Lee Mabry, Kathryn MacDonald, Alex MacFarland, Holly MacMullen, Nancy Mahon, JP Marsch, Lorna Martin, J Maynard, Savannah McAllister, Kelly McCahon, Hadley McDermott, Jennifer McDermott, Alanna McGovern, Madeleine McGregor, Dee McKinnon, Judie McLean, Russell McQuaid, Peter Milner, Anne Marie Moezucewski, Penny Morisette, Barney Morisette, Wes Morisette, James Morris King, Cody Mosgrove, Ryan Moss, Dee Mullen, Paul Muller, Mary Murphy, Kevin Muti, Henry Nguyen, Herb Nolan, Rachel Norris, Tim Norton, Annie O’Connell, Joe Okafor, Pauline Pagliocca, Tom Palmer, Raymond Paradis, Aneesh Pasricha, Solanch Pastrana Del Valle, Bill Pastuszek, Gabrielle Perrin, Lian Pham, Giselle Picardo, Samuel Pierce, Dottie Pitt, Chris Pitt, Gabby Queenan, Carolyn Quincy, Briana Quitadarro, Tim Reason, Elizabeth  Regan, Rachel Ricotta, Andres Ripley, Raquel Ripley, Rick Ripley, Robert Rosofsky, DCR Commissioner Leo Roy, Mallory Sain, Mitchell Salvatore, Cam Salvatore, Frank Salvatore, Peter Schneider, Ann Seligsohn, Kirthi Selva, Laura Senger, Drew Shadrawy, Cecilia Sheeha, Ally Sheehan, Pallavi Shrestha, Lela Silverstein, Chris Sinan, JoAnne Sines, Joe and Janet Smith, Ellen Smith, Priscilla Smith, Emma Snellings, Kerry Snyder, Chris Spillane, Paulette Starck, Meryl Stowbridge, Melissa Sturdy, Ally Suding, Joseph Sullivan, Dennis Sullivan, Alex Sullivan, Kaitlin Taylor, The Thompson Family, Jim Titus, Stepanie Tougas, John Treinen, Jacob Trepanier, Melissa Trepanier, Isamar Troncoso, Marion Tu, Shayla Tu, Audrey Turcotte, Fred Taylor, Les Tyrala, Kate Upatham, J Valerus, Bob Vance, Taylor Walter, Chris Walter, Xinyi Wan, Lupiny Wan, Lisa Ward, Veronica White, Chase Whiting, Sandy Wong-Ng, Dardan Wu, Meghan Young.