Habitat Restoration

Our goals are to mitigate ecological degradation, restore higher levels of native species diversity, and improve wildlife habitat in the watershed. Projects include:

Dam Removal

One simple way to improve the ecological function of a waterway is to remove the man-made structures that impede its functions.

Reducing Stormwater Pollution

One of the main culprits of water pollution in the watershed is stormwater – the water that runs over the landscape during and after a rainfall or when snowfall melts, picking up pollutants as it flows.

Exotic, Invasive Species Control

Invasive species harm our local ecosystems. Keeping them under control gives our native plants and animals a chance to thrive.

Salt Marsh Restoration

Salt marshes provide critical services like flood control and carbon capture. Restoring them is beneficial to both the people and the critters that call them home.

Daylighting the Neponset Project

Inspired by the 1996 River Protection Act, and with encouragement from NepRWA and the Foxborough Conservation Commission, the New England Patriots ownership chose to restore the Neponset River through a process called “daylighting.”