Neponset Climate Adaption Collaborative

NepRWA to work with 12 Neponset Watershed communities on a regional climate adaptation strategy and flood model project.

September 22, 2022

On August 30, 2022, the Baker Administration announced a $389,457 grant to the Town of Dedham and 11 additional Neponset Watershed Communities through the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program.

The grant will fund a climate adaptation project consisting of several core elements, including:

  • A regional flood model for the Neponset River Watershed

Water doesn’t respect municipal boundaries. While several cities and towns have developed or are about to develop town-level flood models to identify priority hazard areas impacted by climate-driven flooding, developing a more complete picture of what water does in the watershed will benefit all our communities. The model will not only help identify flood scenarios in the future but also evaluate various interventions to improve community resilience to flooding.

  • A detailed model for Dedham’s Manor Neighborhood

Dedham’s Manor Neighborhood experiences frequent flooding. The project will take a closer look at flood scenarios in the area and model some potential solutions to adapt to climate impacts. This more fine-tuned model will lend itself to evaluating potential adaptation measures in other towns as well.

  • A Regional Climate Adaptation Collaborative Framework

Climate change will impact our communities in a number of ways, including bringing more high-heat days, drought, and extreme weather, which will impact not only the environment but public safety, public health, property, and infrastructure. Project partners will evaluate existing municipal reports to find shared climate adaptation priorities among watershed towns. In doing so, our communities can begin to work together across town borders to implement regional solutions to shared climate impacts and share lessons learned.

  • Community Engagement

Climate change won’t impact everyone equitably. Environmental Justice communities and other climate-vulnerable populations must be engaged before adaptation projects are implemented. Through this project, we aim to meaningfully engage community partners and facilitate conversations to ensure the voices of residents historically excluded from policy decisions and from neighbors who will be disproportionately impacted by climate change are elevated.

  • Shared Municipal Climate Adaptation Resources

Land use regulations are one way to guide future development to ensure our communities grow in ways that make them resilient to climate impacts. MAPC will guide a workshop for municipal officials on some resources available to help update these regulations.

In the near future, we will be asking residents to help us by describing your experience with storm flooding in your neighborhood. Additionally, we’ll be looking for assistance to identify community-based organizations in your town.

Please watch this space for project updates!

Project Partners:

Regional Partners:

  • Town of Dedham
  • City of Boston
  • Boston Water & Sewer Commission
  • Town of Canton
  • Town of Foxborough
  • Town of Medfield
  • Town of Milton
  • Town of Norwood
  • City of Quincy
  • Town of Sharon
  • Town of Stoughton
  • Town of Walpole
  • Town of Westwood

Please email NepRWA Advocacy Director, Kerry Snyder, with any questions about this project.