Hotspot Update: 8/3/2016

The Hotspot program is already showing signs of success.

Work done in Unquity Brook has led to the discovery of two sources of sewage contamination along the brook and may have solved the on-going E.coli mystery. The Town of Milton DPW is now aware of these pollution sources and is working on fixing them ASAP.

Hotspot investigations conducted in Norwood and Westwood have confirmed that past sewage leaks in those towns have been successfully fixed, and the water at those sites is now clean. We are currently investigating high levels of E.coli in Pine Tree Brook in Milton, and will soon be opening investigations in Sharon, Canton, and Stoughton.

Your generous donations have lead to the resolution of 4 hotspot mysteries in the first two months of the program alone, and will surely lead to many more.

Thank You!