Hot Spot Update: 1/7/2015

A tremendous thank you to the 361 families that came together this fall to push us over the top with our Hotspot Project Challenge Grant!

river cleanup silhouette nice pic

We still had $2,745 to go on the morning of 12/31, but there was a huge flurry of donations on the last day of the year, as well as a stack of checks waiting in the office on Monday. So much so that it’s taken us a few days to get caught up on getting everything into the computer and tabulated.

I’m very pleased to report, that with your help, we not only met but exceeded our goal to earn the challenge grant with $25,523 in qualifying gifts, which when combined with the challenge funds, gives us $35,523 to launch our Hotspot Program during 2016.

Thank you for investing in the health of our river and its tributaries, not only for your own benefit, but for that of your family, your community, and future generations!

We’re already starting to plan and prepare for the work, which will get underway in earnest as soon as things begin to warm up in the spring. We’ll keep you posted through our monthly emails and the newsletter as things get underway.

For more information about the Hot Spot Program, contact our Environmental Scientist, Chris Hirsch at