2020 Annual CWMN Water Quality Report

NepRWA's water quality program allows us to identify and fix problems in the waterways of the Neponset River Watershed.

In order to improve the health of the Neponset River, it’s essential for the NepRWA staff, along with our partnership of municipal employees, local and state officials, community groups, and residents, to understand the problems that the River faces.

Since 1995, NepRWA volunteers have monitored water quality at 41 locations throughout the Watershed. Through the Community Water Monitoring Network (“CWMN”) we have monitored the health of various streams, ponds, and the River, and have identified and addressed water quality problems as they are detected.

The 2020 water sampling season, which was unique due to Covid-19 restrictions, relied on 60 volunteers, who collected 276 samples from May to October. We are thankful for the time and effort that these volunteers gave toward this important task.

Our Annual Water Quality Presentation highlights the key findings of 2020, historical trends, and future solutions.

Read the 2020 Water Quality Report.

–Declan Devine, NepRWA Environmental Fellow, Jan. 13, 2021

2 responses to “2020 Annual CWMN Water Quality Report”

  1. Marjorie says:

    Are you monitoring E. coli, or coliforms? What method do you use? Thanks in advance.

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