Joining Forces for an Inclusive Waterfront

NepRWA is committed to a waterfront that prioritizes resilience, inclusivity, access, and economic vitality.

We are excited to announce a partnership with the Coalition for a Resilient and Inclusive Waterfront–an alliance of diverse non-profit organizations focused on bringing the pressing issues facing Boston’s harbor and rivers to the forefront of the public conversation during the 2021 municipal election cycle.

Through voter and candidate education and engagement, the coalition will focus on advancing a bold vision for the future of the city’s waterfront that prioritizes resilience, inclusivity, access, and economic vitality.

The waterfront is first and foremost a public resource–and safe, public access to it is crucial for public health and, for many, jobs. Future policies, including those governing development, must make sure that these important values are protected.

As you know, climate change is here–and the impacts that we’re already seeing around Boston’s waterfront are significant. Therefore, the city needs to ensure open space is created and protected–not only to reduce the public health and safety impacts of storm surges, flooding, and other climate-related effects but also to ensure everyone has access to safe spaces to recreate, which benefits public health (which we’ve seen during this pandemic as record numbers of people have taken advantage of public spaces).

We also need to make sure those spaces and activities around them are actually accessible to everyone (physically, financially); as MassInc’s recent polling shows, that’s not a reality for many, particularly communities of color.

The next Mayor of Boston needs to have a vision for how appropriate development can continue along the waterfront–that vision needs to ensure public access and climate change are foremost in every single plan and proposal. Protecting natural shorelines and open space, as well as implementing policies that ensure meaningful public access, affordable living spaces and resilient neighborhoods must be a top priority for Boston’s leaders.

There will be a number of ways for us to engage with the Coalition in the coming months, including a Mayoral Forum on July 29th, and a series of community events throughout the summer. We invite you to add your voice to advancing these priorities with Boston’s leadership.

For additional information or any questions, please contact NepRWA Advocacy Director, Kerry Snyder, at or 781-575-0354 x300.

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