Action Alert: Pending Drought Bill

We need you to contact your State Senator before July 31 and tell them that you support the drought bill.

Drought conditions have deteriorated across the state — and as of July 15 — 90 percent of Massachusetts is experiencing drought. The Neponset River Watershed is at a Level 2 — Significant Drought.

Update August 1, 2022–

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were unable to secure the passage of the new drought management bill. However, we were able to get increased funding for many environmental line items. Thank you to all of our members, friends, and supporters for your advocacy this session. Read more.

Please contact your state senator BEFORE JULY 31 and let them know that you support Senate Bill 530, which will require nonessential outdoor watering restrictions across drought regions.

See below for directions on how to best contact your senators.

We urge you to take action today by contacting the Senate Ways & Means Committee Chair ( and Vice-Chair ( of the Senate Ways & Means Committee directly. Please also copy your own state senator on this email. Your message can be as simple as:

Dear Chair Rodrigues and Vice-Chair Friedman, 

Please report S.530 out favorably from committee. This bill is a top priority for me and my community. It will protect our rivers, water supply, and wildlife from harmful drought effects. Most of the state is in a “Mild” or “Significant” drought right now – there is no better time to strengthen water conservation. 

Thank you for taking action to advocate for priorities that will protect and enhance our River and Watershed lands. For more information about the bill, see our opinion piece from the Boston Herald.

If you have any questions about this or other legislative priorities, please contact NepRWA Advocacy Director, Kerry Snyder.

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