2022 Annual CWMN Water Quality Report

Our Annual Water Quality Presentation highlights the key findings of 2022, including the impacts of the drought and future solutions.

February 2023

In 2022, volunteers with our Community Water Monitoring Network (CWMN) collected samples from our 41 sites, from May to October, through early morning rains and low flows caused by drought. Without question, the success of our Water Quality Program is due to our volunteers, and we are very thankful for their time.

Eleanor Yeomans, NepRWA Environmental Science Fellow

Click here to view a PDF of the 2022 Water Quality Report — or watch the video of the Water Quality Presentation, below.

Click here to explore water quality in the Neponset Watershed with our Interactive Water Quality Map!

More About Our CWMN Program

NepRWA staff is committed to fixing the problems that face the Neponset River and its local waterways. As part of that effort, we work in partnership with municipal employees across the 14 cities and towns in our watershed, other local and state officials, community groups, and most importantly, Watershed residents.

To address water quality issues and identify areas in need of attention, NepRWA scientists have been collecting data since 1995 through the Community Water Monitoring Network (CWMN).

This is a volunteer-driven program, with a team of dedicated individuals collecting water samples and measurements from 41 sites every month in order to monitor the health of the Neponset Watershed’s small rivers, streams, ponds, and the Neponset River.

The data they collect helps to identify, address, and get funding to fix water quality problems as they are detected.

Without question, the success of the program is due to the many volunteers who collect water samples from all of the various sites that we track.

2021 Neponset River Report Card

Learn how our water bodies met the MassDEP swimming and boating E.coli standards over 3 years. The 2022 Report Card should be out in June. Get more info…

Please contact NepRWA River Restoration Director, Sean McCanty at mccanty@neponset.org if you have any questions about the CWMN Program or the Report Card.


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