eDNA Brook Trout Project

NepRWA staff are partnering with Greater Boston Trout Unlimited to use Environmental DNA (eDNA) to track the health of the Neponset River’s cold water tributaries and the wild brook trout that call them home.

What is eDNA?

eDNA is a cutting edge technology that uses water samples to identify the wildlife species that live in a stream or pond. The eDNA process searches through all of the DNA found in a water sample for specific codes that are unique to the species of interest. eDNA utilizes unique “DNA fingerprints” to detect wild brook trout or other target species from a simple water sample.

In addition to the eDNA survey, the project partners (urban youth from X-Cel Education) will collect real-time water temperature data, assess stream barriers and culverts, and perform a computer mapping analysis of development and open space in each sub-watershed.

All this information will be used to develop a comprehensive multi-phased plan to protect and restore these rare “urban” brook trout populations.

For more information about this project, please contact NepRWA Environmental Scientist, Chris Hirsch at hirsch@neponset.org

–November 2019



One response to “eDNA Brook Trout Project”

  1. Andrew DiVincenzo says:

    Hi! I check out Traphole brook regularly and recently took at look at the stretch behind Siemens Healthineers on in between rt 1 and 95. Happy to collect samples for that brook or any others in the watershed. Also a member of GBTU

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