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We have an immediate opening for a full-time Stormwater and Water Conservation Professional.

Immediate Opening: Stormwater and Water Conservation Professional

Organizational Background

The Neponset River Watershed Association is a regional nonprofit conservation group working to protect and restore the natural resources of the 14-town watershed area that drains to the Neponset River in Greater Boston. The Association’s tight-knit and mission-driven staff of nine applies its expertise in watershed science, engineering, policy, and communications to the cross-disciplinary challenges of managing an urban watershed.

Two critical goals for the Association are to reduce stormwater pollution and restore more natural streamflow patterns in our highly developed watershed. Toward those ends, we work with municipalities and property owners to reduce polluted stormwater runoff, increase groundwater recharge, reduce peak flows, and reduce the volume of water diverted from the watershed by private and municipal water supply and wastewater management activities.

Position Description

The Association has an immediate opening for a full-time Stormwater and Water Conservation Professional. The Professional will work alongside our other program staff to provide technical assistance, training, and outreach to residents, business owners, and municipalities on stormwater management and water conservation issues. This may include activities such as:

  • Managing the twelve community Neponset Stormwater Partnership which aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of municipal stormwater management and MS4 compliance programs by delivering services and technical assistance on a regional basis.
  • Working with businesses and municipal staff to prioritize, design, and install stormwater BMP retrofits to improve water quality, and fixture updates to increase water efficiency.
  • Analyzing land use and water use data to recommend and implement targeted stormwater management and water conservation interventions and/or incentives.
  • Contacting landscapers and retailers to encourage compliance with the MA fertilizer law and best practices.
  • Delivering technical training and presenting information to municipal staff, business groups or local residents on stormwater and water conservation topics and organizing training to be delivered by third-party instructors.
  • Planning and delivering educational outreach campaigns, such as mailings, websites, social media, videos, or educational signage, working with municipal partners and volunteers to disseminate campaign materials, and evaluating results.
  • Providing technical support to colleagues working on stream and riparian corridor restoration, culvert replacement, and dam removal projects, and assisting colleagues with technical reviews of stormwater engineering reports and plan sets for site development proposals.

Applicant Qualifications

The successful applicant should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in civil or environmental engineering, hydrology, geology, water resource management or a related field and at least 3-5 years of relevant work experience. Experience with stormwater management, water supply, and/or wastewater management will be invaluable, as will experience working with municipalities. Experience with locating and designing stormwater best management practices, managing MS4 permit compliance and/or management of municipal water conservation programs will be very helpful.

The position requires strong analytical skills, including the ability to use spreadsheets, databases, GIS and/or CAD software to collect and make sense of environmental and utility data and develop evidence-based strategies to achieve environmental results.

The position requires strong communication and interpersonal skills that will allow the Professional to effectively engage, educate, motivate and assist local residents, business owners, municipal partners, and volunteers in various settings including over the phone, through one on one interaction, group meetings, workshops, and written communications. Strong public speaking and project management skills are also required as the Professional will be coordinating the efforts of an in-house multi-disciplinary team.

Finally, the successful applicant will be excited about the opportunity to work in the nonprofit sector and apply their creativity and skills to produce tangible environmental results in partnership with a team of colleagues that has the freedom to focus on achieving meaningful conservation outcomes.

Position Details and Application Process

This is a permanent, full-time (40 hour per week) position. The schedule is flexible and the position is based out of the Association’s office in Canton MA. Applicants must have their own transportation and be comfortable working outdoors on uneven terrain. The position requires occasional participation in evening or weekend meetings or events. The position reports to the Association’s Executive Director. Compensation is commensurate with experience.

Applicants should forward a resume and a cover letter explaining their interest and relevant qualifications via email to Ian Cooke, Executive Director at cooke@neponset.org. Please also indicate where you heard about the opportunity.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. We expect to begin scheduling interviews for promising candidates by mid to late July.

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