Call for Water Sampling Volunteers

Water-sampling volunteer Trish works along Neponset River at Mattapan Square.

Water-sampling volunteer works along Neponset River at Mattapan Square.

On-going Volunteer Opportunity, May through October 2018


The Citizen Water Monitoring Network (“CWMN” – pronounced “swimmin”) is a volunteer-based monitoring program that assesses water quality in Neponset waterways.

Each year, roughly 50 volunteers take water samples and monitor dissolved oxygen levels at 41 locations around the watershed, six times throughout the spring, summer and fall.


Current volunteer positions:         


1) We need a driver! Each month after all the samples are taken, they need to be driven out to Deer Island in Winthrop to be tested by the MWRA lab employees. The samples need to leave the NepRWA office in Canton by 8:30 am and must arrive at Deer Island by 10 am. Even if you can’t commit to all 6 months, signing up for just one date would be a huge help.

2) We always need Fill-in Samplers to help us cover all of the sampling locations on days when our regular volunteers aren’t able to.

Each position plays a vital role in helping the Watershed Association to monitor water quality throughout the watershed.

We provide training and equipment, and you provide a few hours of your time. The result is a comprehensive look at water quality around the Neponset River Watershed, which helps the Watershed Association to monitor the river and prioritize clean-up and restoration efforts. If you or anyone you know may be interested in volunteering, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Learn more here or contact Chris Hirsch at 781-575-0354 x306 or


One response to “Call for Water Sampling Volunteers”

  1. Stephen Popkin says:

    I am happy to help out if you need someone to sample near the milton lower mills area.


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