Water Quality Data – July 2015

Data from July's CWMN Event

July’s watershed sampling took place on the first of the month. Our volunteers helped to collect samples from 41 different sampling sites, and the below map illustrates the bacteria results we received.

CWMN Event Bacteria 07012015

July Bacteria Data Map.  Click on image for larger view.


When you look at this map, remember that the orange and red dots represent places where the water is not swimmable by the state bacteria standards.

july pic 2

Volunteer Dave inspecting a sampling site.

Four sites also exceeded the standards for boating for Massachusetts: MPB088, PUB022, UNB002, and UNB016. When bacteria levels are high, it presents a health risk for anyone interacting with the water for recreation.

July bacteria results were more favorable than the results we received in June. This can be attributed to the drier sampling in conditions we had this month in comparison to last month. It did rain on sampling morning in July – quite the downpour with about a half inch of rain in about two hours!  The rain came in the middle of sampling so most samples were grabbed before the rain started.

There is also a trend this month showing that sites upriver have low bacteria results and the farther downstream you go, the higher the bacteria levels become. This might be a result of bacteria accumulating as it travels down the watershed. It also may be due to a greater population concentration as the Neponset comes closer to Boston.

july pic 1

A Neponset River tributary.

If you have any questions about the data, or want to become a CWMN Volunteer, please contact Environmental Engineer, Sarah Bounty, at 781-575-0354 x302 or bounty@neponset.org.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped with sampling this month!

Meghan Rauber, Intern, July 2015

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