Volunteer Spotlight

Young volunteers are helping us by doing their own special projects.

NepRWA relies on the generosity of its volunteers to help us with many of our projects, such as our monthly water sampling program – the Citizen Water Monitoring Network (CWMN) program; annual river clean-ups; dam and culvert surveys; restoration projects; outreach activities; mass mailings and more.

Two independent projects were undertaken in the past year by CWMN volunteers, and both of these projects were completed by local teenagers!

Stevie and Declan Heaslip

Stevie and Declan Heaslip

Stevie and Declan Heaslip, who were also NepRWA “beetle-ranchers”, developed an Eagle Scout project which involved  building and installing bat boxes around the watershed to help create habitats for the local bat population. Click here to read more about their project.

Ishan and Aarti Shukla

Ishan Shukla monitored E. coli bacteria levels at different streams around the watershed before, during, and after rainfall to determine how E. coli levels are affected by stormwater.  Click here to read more about Ishan’s project and see the slide show he presented to NepRWA staff.

We’d love to hear about what you’re doing in the watershed!  If you would like to share a project that you’ve been working on, or would like to partner with us on a special project, please contact Outreach Director, Nancy Fyler at (781) 575 0354 x307 or fyler@neponset.org or Environmental Engineer, Sarah Bounty, at (781) 575 0354 x302 or bounty@neponset.org.

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  1. […] Ishan’s first project was to test for bacteria pollution during rain storms to see how the timing of the storm affected the levels of bacteria. He found that in-stream bacteria levels rise – significantly – during rain events.  Bacteria in surface waters can present a public health risk, and it is important to think about the best way to keep our water clean.  You can read more about that study here. […]

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