Through the Photographer’s Eye

Photo credit: Tom Palmer

Photo credit: Tom Palmer

The Neponset River Watershed Association’s, Tom Palmer, has been taking photographs around the watershed for quite some time.  The October 2013 issue of “The Landing”, the newsletter of the Milton Yacht Club, showcases Tom’s photography talent.

Here is an excerpt from the newsletter, courtesy of the Milton Yacht Club:

October 2013

“Some of the most beautiful photography of the Landing and the Neponset has been taken by photographer Thomas Palmer. He describes himself as a naturalist first and a photographer second. His skill behind a lens is truly amazing. It is also amazing that he is a selftaught photographer. Tom is a resident of Milton. In our interview he described his relationship with nature and the lens this way. “Anything that a camera can tell me about the natural world, I want to know. (The camera) lets me see more than I would otherwise.” We are fortunate that Tom gave this newsletter access to his expansive collection of photography that is posted on Flickr. His Flickr name is “Ophis” and this issue features many of his artful photographic works.”

Click here for more of this article, and to view Tom’s wonderful photographs.


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  1. Win Burr says:

    Fantastic pictures Tom; of the river, and of the people. Many thanks.

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