The Case for Becoming a Sponsor

Did you attend NepRWA’s RiverFest last month, or perhaps you came to our 50th Annual Meeting in June, or you volunteered at one of our river cleanups?

Although these events seem to be completely different from each other, there is one common thread which is sponsor involvement.

Sponsorships offer an alternative means of funding for our events and projects, and allow us to bring in money outside of the traditional donation request, or going to our operating budget. Monetary gifts and in-kind support are responsible for things like securing event venues, purchasing cleanup supplies, buying refreshments for volunteers, and so much more.  Employee involvement in things like river cleanups makes it easier to complete bigger projects in the field.

For 50 years, NepRWA has built ties with local businesses in the watershed.  Companies know that a clean and healthy river is good for business, and they are grateful for the work that we do and the information that we provide.

A relationship with a local environmental group can help a business to attract new clients, give heightened visibility, and improve their image.  It’s also a relatively inexpensive way to market a business (think logo on the back of a tee shirt).

If you have a business or have a close connection to a business that you frequent, let them know about a sponsorship opportunity with us.   We have many levels of engagement so anyone can participate.

For more information, contact NepRWA Development Director, Dee Mullen at or 781-575-0354 x303

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