Thanks to Volunteers, Neponset River Cleanup a Great Success!

Thanks to the many volunteers who showed up at the Neponset River Cleanup on Sept. 24, we were able to remove over 14 tons of debris from the river.


Click here to see photos of the cleanup.

At least 100 volunteers took to the Neponset River and surrounding lands to remove a wide variety of trash during our Annual River Cleanup in Hyde Park and Milton.  It’s mind-boggling to think that in just 4 hours, they collected 14 tons of debris.

Here’s just a partial list of what was collected from the River and riverbank:

  • 10 pieces of ancient rebar 16′ long
  • Numerous (20+) pieces of iron and metal pipe
  • Two large 12’+ pieces of pipe and angle iron from the railroad bridge
  • Several sections of railroad track and other heavy metal railroad components
  • A dozen railroad spikes
  • 2 – 20′ long 9″ diameter pipe with gauges
  • 12′ section of iron fence
  • Assorted car parts
  • Car axle with wheels still attached
  • Car front end with dashboard
  • 15 car tires
  • 14 bicycles, various bike parts and wheels
  • Motorcycle
  • 18 old shopping carts
  • 2 large industrial lockers/storage
  • One newspaper vending machine complete with legible newspapers from 1995
  • One super heavy barbell
  • Lumber for house construction
  • Wood fencing
  • 2 street signs
  • A highway barricade with light
  • 50 trash bags
  • 15+ large mop buckets
  • 4 toilets
  • One baby car seat
  • 5 rugs
  • Numerous glass bottles
  • Bazillions (our new description) of:
    • Large plastic objects
    • Cans & bottles
  • Remnants from a recent party:
    • ½ doz. aluminum chafing pans
    • Plates & cutlery
    • Table clothes
    • Leftover food – esp. spaghetti

We hope that as we continue to clean and improve the area, folks will stop dumping trash and begin to appreciate and respect the beauty of the Neponset River.

The Neponset River Cleanup in Hyde Park & Milton wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some very generous people and organizations.  Special thanks goes to:

State Representative Angelo M. Scaccia
MA Dept. of Conservation & Recreation
City Councilor Tim McCarthy
City of Boston Public Works
Charles River Canoe & Kayak
Pile Drivers Local 56
Great American Rainbarrel Company
Home Depot – West Roxbury
Hyde Park Main Streets
James G. Grant Co.
Mario Musto General Contractor
McCrea’s Candies
Mike Bonanno Collision Specialists
Parkway Towing
R. Zoppo Construction
Stop & Shop
Tierney Realty

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