Seeking Candidate for Boston Conservation Commission

Due to a recent resignation, the Boston Conservation Commission has a vacancy that, under the terms of the City ordinance (see below), must be filled by a nominee from one of listed organizations below.

You can learn more about the Conservation Commission at


7-1.1   Composition of Board; Terms of Office.

There shall be in the City a board, known as the Conservation Commission, consisting of the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, ex officio, and six (6) Conservation Commissioners, who shall be residents of the City, appointed by the Mayor, of whom two (2) shall be appointed from candidates nominated, one (1) each by the Board of Directors or like body of the following corporations or organizations:

  • the Massachusetts Audubon Society, Inc.,
  • the Massachusetts Forest and Park Association,
  • the Massachusetts Roadside Council,
  • the Trustees of Reservations,
  • the Eastern Massachusetts Group of the New England Chapter of the Sierra Club,
  • Boston Green Space Alliance,
  • the Boston Harbor Associates,
  • Boston Urban Gardeners,
  • Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands,
  • Save the Harbor/Save the Bay,
  • the Boston Natural Areas Fund,
  • the Charles River Watershed Association, and
  • the Neponset River Watershed Association.

As the term of any Conservation Commissioner expires, his successor shall be appointed in like manner for a term of three (3) years. Any vacancy in the office of a Conservation Commissioner shall be filled in like manner for the unexpired term.

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