Resolve to Keep our Water Clean

You can help us keep our water clean and safe for wildlife, and for everyone to enjoy. Make a resolution to keep it clean in 2015.

It is that time of year again; time to start thinking of resolutions for the New Year.  Why not resolve to help make our water cleaner this year?  You can make a difference in your community and for wildlife and the environment around the Neponset River Watershed. Here are some simple ways to help you make sure this resolution stick in 2015:

UntitledVolunteer with NepRWA. We are always looking for volunteers and can usually find a project to fit your schedule.  We have a list of volunteers we contact for help with mailings on an as needed basis, as well as the “Citizen Water Monitoring Network” (CWMN) for those volunteers who like to get their feet wet with water sample collection. We also take on a college student as a volunteer intern during the sampling season.  If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, contact Nancy Fyler at

gi_raingardenBuild a rain garden on your property. Did you know over half of all water pollution comes from runoff during rain storms? You can make a difference by keeping runoff pollution from your roof or driveway from reaching our streams and rivers.  Learn more about rain gardens, a simple and beautiful way to intercept pollution from the links we have on this page.

Use greener products for lawn care and ice melting. The products you put on your lawn and sidewalk often end up in our streams and rivers.  The choices you make can impact fish and other wildlife in streams and rivers.

Organize a river cleanup. Is there a spot you know of along the river in your neighborhood that could benefit from a cleanup?  We can help you get the word out and help make the river a resource, not an eyesore.  Check out some photos from the Hyde Park River Cleanup from this past summer.

Get out and enjoy the outdoors! Visit the new Riverwalk in Quincy or one of the many other places where you can appreciate the beauty of the outside world.

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