Photos: Hyde Park Paddle with Martha

BranCana061416Yesterday NepRWA Board Member Martha McDonough and I pushed off from Martini Shell Park on Truman Highway in Hyde Park to scope out cleanup sites for the fall. There were 26 goslings and 4 adults around the launch.

DSC_0037Just past the 1st RR bridge there is a large channel-edge bar covered with river birch saplings. This kind of habitat disappears immediately downstream where the armored banks take over.

DSC_0078The jam at the B St footbridge is back, but only on the right bank.

DSC_0072I think you know what this is.

DSC_0086Martha grabbed a bag under the Dana Ave bridge.

DSC_0096We couldn’t ID the heavy metal frame at center.

DSC_0099Here’s the caboose on an inbound MBTA Commuter Rail train. Why is the flag decal backwards?

DSC_0137This machine (electric motor at lower left) is at the former Lewis Chemical site. Am guessing exhaust fan.

DSC_0163Martha measures 9-10 ft of clearance under the RR bridge upstream of Fairmount. We’re hoping to have a pontoon boat with sonar and a crane come September. Imagine that!

Tom Palmer, Willett Pond Manager
June, 2016


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