Photos: Easter egg hunt

Seek and ye shall find!

Now that spring is here, I’ve been seeing eggs everywhere, even where there are none. Take these browned capsules at Braintree Great Pond:

Any fool can see that they’re dried pods, not eggs, and yet they are pale and rounded. What they are exactly, I don’t know.

In contrast, the green, globose items pictured below, in a pouch toward the rear of this female fairy shrimp from a vernal pool in the Blue Hills, are eggs for sure:

Vernal pools are in fact a great place to look for eggs around now.  These were laid by a female spotted salamander in Stony Brook Reservation in Hyde Park:

And here’s some rather egg-like bubbles from a patch of moss in the same pool, perhaps pure oxygen:

These eggy buds from the Neponset Estuary at 2 Adams St in Milton will burst instead of hatch:

At the same time, real eggs–scattered by spawning smelt–speckled the rocks at low tide just below:

Botanists will say that mosses produce spores, not eggs, and yet these rounded yellow items display some egg-iosity:

It may be that eggs are all around us, all the time, if we just know how to look.

Tom Palmer
Staff Naturalist & Photographer
April, 2020

3 responses to “Photos: Easter egg hunt”

  1. Tom Palmer says:

    Jean and Vincent

    Am lucky I can get around–now that I’ve looked at a few more I think those tree buds are from a Callery pear (they are spreading from plantings)


  2. LES TYRALA says:

    Tom, a nice collection of eggy images.

  3. Vincent Da Forno & Jean Goldman says:

    Hi Tom, fantastic display! Jean and I miss the Neponset very much. We took a similar photo of cherry blossoms in our neighborhood along with other spring flora to share with MGH cancer patients who can’t get out.

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