Support State Funding for Environmental Programs

The Senate Ways & Means Committee released its budget recommendation. And while environmental programs were largely spared significant cuts, we are supporting several amendments to boost funding to match the House budget proposal.

Please contact your State Senator and ask them to support the following budget amendments:

Amendment #163 offered by Senator Gobi

  • Department of Conservation and Recreation: State Parks and Recreation (2810-0100) – Increase to $50,000,000

Amendment #162 offered by Senator Eldridge

  • Department of Environmental Protection: Administration (2200-0100) – Increase to $40,000,000

Amendment #172 offered by Senator Feeney

  • Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (2310-0300) – Increase to $500,000
  • These budget increases will improve the quality of life for our residents and the health and climate resilience of our local rivers, streams, parklands, and open spaces.

Questions? Please contact Kerry Snyder, NepRWA Advocacy Director at

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