Seeking Community Liaisons

Looking to make a difference in your community?

You’re probably reading this note because you care about NepRWA’s mission and work. I’d like to suggest that you should take the next step and volunteer some time to help us in our advocacy work! We’re looking for some people throughout the watershed to help us more frequently engage in local activities.

  • Are you actively involved in your community’s events?
  • Are you the first person to know what’s brewing in your neighborhood?
  • Do you know what’s going to be in the Public Notice sections of the local paper before it’s printed?

If so, we’d like to recruit you!

We’re looking for volunteer community liaisons to keep us more informed about local issues relevant to the watershed. I’ve previously written about the importance of local action to safeguard the environment. A core NepRWA priority is to maintain and grow our partnerships with communities and advocate for local and state action that will benefit the Neponset River and its surrounding lands and communities, and the people who enjoy them.

Our watershed is a big place—it covers approximately 130 square miles of land. It’s sometimes challenging to stay ahead of all of the activities happening in our 14 communities, which include even more diverse neighborhoods. So I’d like to recruit some of our dedicated readers, members, and/or volunteers to support our advocacy efforts.

I need at least two people from each of our communities to regularly let me know of relevant public hearings, community meetings, development proposals and emerging local issues impacting the watershed.

The perspective of local residents on local proposals is crucial to our advocacy efforts. You bring all of your historical knowledge of town policies, the evolution of various uses of property in town, and have your ear to the ground on the direction in which your neighborhoods are moving. I’d like to harness that insight to inform our advocacy work.

If you’re interested, or are willing to connect me with someone who would be an asset in this capacity, please let me know! You can reach me at

Kerry Snyder, Advocacy Director, June 2018

2 responses to “Seeking Community Liaisons”

  1. Rodney Bender says:

    I am interested in serving in the volunteer community liaison role for the Town of Stoughton.

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