New Projects on the Horizon for Many Watershed Towns

NepRWA will collaborate with towns to reduce water pollution and conserve water resources

February 10, 2020 — Thanks to a new grant, Quincy will begin the search for locations where they can reduce polluted stormwater runoff by building green infrastructure projects.

Each site will be evaluated with a field visit and limited construction drawings will be created for the sites with the highest potential.

So far, over 40 sites have been selected for field visits, which will commence this month. Once this project is complete, the City of Quincy will have a list of suitable sites to work from when planning installations. NepRWA will assist with site selection and educational outreach.

In addition, a group of towns headed by the Dedham-Westwood Water District has received a grant for the creation of a rebate program for water-conserving fixtures. Participating towns include Canton, Dedham, Foxborough, Sharon, and Westwood.

Residents of the participating towns will be able to apply for rebates when they install fixtures and appliances that meet specific water-conserving criteria. They will also be eligible to receive free water-conserving devices such as showerheads and faucet aerators. NepRWA will manage the rebate program, which is slated to run through June 2020.

Please email NepRWA Water Resource Professional, Patrick Hogan, with any questions about these projects.

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