NepRWA Challenges US EPA Action on Key Stormwater Permit

In October, NepRWA joined a coalition of nine groups led by the Mass Rivers Alliance to sue the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over its decision to postpone a critical new stormwater permit one day before it was due to take effect.

The new permit would tighten rules for polluted stormwater runoff that comes off roads and parking lots.

It was already nine years overdue after undergoing years of intensive public review. As it has done in a number of other cases recently, EPA bypassed the required procedures for taking this type of action.

With NepRWA’s help, our communities have been actively gearing up for the new permit for several years. The delay has created significant confusion and undermines the great efforts of our cities and towns, most of whom are already well underway with their new stormwater programs.

By intervening we hope to see the permit get back on track, so communities have clear information to guide their planning and so local residents can reap the benefits of cleaner water.

–Ian Cooke, Executive Director, Nov. 2017

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