Milton Should Vote YES to Adopt the CPA

This fall, Milton residents have the chance to shape their community’s future.

On November 3rd, Milton voters should vote YES on ballot Question 3 to adopt the Community Preservation Act or “CPA.” The CPA is a powerful tool to preserve parks, playgrounds, wildlife habitat, and historic properties, and create Town-planned affordable housing. It works by adding a small property tax surcharge which is then matched by state funds.

Why should we adopt the CPA?

So far, at least 177 communities have adopted the CPA, including many in the Neponset River Watershed. We’ve seen the benefits of CPA funding firsthand, including:

  • Construction of portions of the Neponset RiverWalk in Quincy;
  • Preservation of the Canton mill where Paul Revere rolled the copper for Old Ironsides;
  • Acquisition of one of the last undeveloped lots along the Neponset River to create a walking trail in a densely developed Norwood neighborhood; and
  • Purchasing land to preserve open space (in lieu of an inappropriate development project) in Sharon.

For an average property tax increase of $84 per year for single-family homes, Milton can better control its future. Through the CPA, Milton can:

  • Take charge of developing much-needed workforce and affordable housing rather than leaving it to random development proposals under Chapter 40B;
  • Improve the Town’s resilience to climate change (including the threat of flooding) by preserving open space and restoring wildlife habitat;
  • Fund pending historic rehabilitation projects; and
  • Join neighboring towns in taking advantage of state funds (into which Milton residents are already paying!)

Vote Yes on Question 3!

In July, Town Meeting members overwhelmingly approved placing the CPA on the ballot. Now it’s up to YOU to adopt it! We urge all Milton residents to vote YES on Question 3 on November 3rd.

For more information, visit the “YES for Milton Committee” website at

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