Hotspot Update: 9/23/2016

With your help, we are continuing to make progress towards cleaning up our local waterways.

img_1897Investigations in Pine Tree Brook in Milton have uncovered a suspicious outfall discharging E.coli contaminated water into the brook. Why this is happening isn’t exactly clear, because the other two indicators we use to detect sewage contamination came back negative. It is possible that the E. coli is coming from pet waste that someone dropped down a storm drain.

The town DPW has been notified about the outfall, and they will be conducting investigations within the drain pipes to figure out what is going on.

Investigations of Pecunit Brook in Canton have located two potential points of sewage contamination. We will be notifying the town of these results shortly.

There are ongoing hotspot investigations in Norwood, Canton, Milton, and Sharon. So far, we have investigated hotspots in 7 communities, resolved 6 hotspots, and located 4 potential sewage leaks.

We will continue our investigations through autumn so stay tuned for more updates, and thank you to all that donated to make this program possible.

Chris Hirsch, Environmental Scientist, 9/23/2016

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