Spring Meander in Blue Hills Reservation

May 2, 2013 – Blue Hills Reservation, Milton (Carly Rocklen)

I stand at the edge of a warm, sunlit field. It’s early evening. Soft rustling sounds emanate from the leaf litter, where the woods and the field intersect (growing plants? insects? moles/voles/shrews? all of the above?). A towhee calls out every few seconds (it calls its own name). And, there’s the soft tremolo of a pine warbler. I hear a cardinal’s rich call, repeated. Sunlight shines through small blueberry leaves that cover a portion of the field close to the woods-line. Biting flies flit around me. A titmouse sings.When I walk the woods surrounding the field, I hear goldfinches call as they fly over the field. I see ferns in the midst of slowly unfurling – at least 3 or 4 species of fern. Then, later, as I approach the exit near the Trailside Museum, I am amazed and delighted to watch a pileated woodpecker peck into the base of a tree for minutes on end. What a large and interesting-looking bird! Nearby, sessile bellwort and trout lily (on its way past flowering) bloom. Wild sarsparilla leaves and flowers develop. Aster leaves grow everywhere along the forest floor, with mayflower leaves. Starflower flower-buds are beginning to develop. Young oak saplings sport small, fuzzy, red leaves. What an amazing time of year for a walk in a park –

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