Did You Miss Winter?

Last winter broke all sorts of records, but in case you forgot, here's a reminder of what we were dealing with at this time last year.

For many of us, this past winter was a delight, with considerably less snow than the winter of 2015, which not only shattered record books, but our patience as well.  This mild winter seems like payback for having suffered the year before.

Yet there are many folks that are missing the snow, and now that it’s late March, they feel like they’re out of time.  For those hardy friends, we offer the following visual reminder of March 2015.

Squantum Point snow pile 2015

The “snow farm” at Squantum Point Park in Quincy.  The last of the snow finally melted in July.

NepRWA building under snow Feb 2015

The back of the Neponset River Watershed Association office in Canton.

Silas snow-blowing blizzard 2015 3

A determined snowblower in Sharon. That’s a lot of snow!

shoveling snow off roof in Quincy

Shoveling snow off a roof top in Quincy.

snow covering T tracks - Quincy red line

Clearing the Red Line T tracks in Quincy. Photo by Boston Globe.

winter on Ponky golf Feb 2015

Ponkapoag Golf Course, Canton.


Beauty in the back yard.


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