Meet our summer interns, Mike & Charlie!

Hi! I’m Mike Seele. I’m currently a senior studying Environmental Analysis and Policy at Boston University.

After learning about issues faced by large watersheds, I became interested in learning how anthropogenic activities can impact water quality. Specifically, I am interested in learning more about the impact that coliform, surfactants, and other household wastes have on the health of a river. Water quality is not only a crucial aspect for clean drinking water but also for the heath of fisheries.

As an avid outdoorsman and fly-fishing enthusiast, I am excited to help ensure the health of trout habitats in the Neponset River Watershed. I am excited to meet and assist all the volunteers in the Citizen Water Monitoring Network. I look forward to learning more about Watershed Associations and water quality analysis.

Mike Seele, NepRWA Intern, 2018


Hi, I’m Charlie Karoff. I will be a junior in the fall at the University of New Hampshire, where I am studying Environmental Conservation and Sustainability.

I have loved the outdoors my whole life, and have grown up around the Neponset River Watershed. I have always wanted to work somewhere that allows me to help and conserve the environment and the wildlife that lives there and preserve it for future generations.  I am excited to learn more about the Citizen Water Monitoring Network and the dam removal projects as I want to work with watershed management after I graduate college.

Charlie Karoff, NepRWA Intern, 2018




We have many volunteer opportunities throughout the year. To learn more, visit Volunteer Opportunities or call the Watershed Association office at 781-575-0354.

2 responses to “Meet our summer interns, Mike & Charlie!”

  1. Todd Zahurak says:

    Hello, is it safe to swim in the Neponset River in Walpole? I run along some trails there frequently and would love to jump in at the end! thanks

    • Chris Hirsch says:

      Hi Todd,
      I think the best answer is ‘it depends’. During dry weather the river is usually clean enough for swimming in Walpole. If it has rained within the past couple of days I would avoid it. Swimming in any natural waterbody comes with some level of risk, to be safe I would do my best not to swallow any of the water and avoid swimming if I have an open wound. Check out our interactive water quality map to explore the health of the river in your area.

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