Looking for a CWMN Volunteer!

The Citizen’s Water Monitoring Network (CWMN) is looking for someone to adopt a sampling spot in Stoughton. More information on the sampling site can be found here.

CWMN is a once-a-month commitment that requires taking water samples in the early morning, and extends from the months of May to October.

If you have any interest, please contact Meghan Rauber at meghan@neponset.org for more information.

Hope you’re enjoying the summer!

Meghan Rauber
Field Sampling Coordinator

2 responses to “Looking for a CWMN Volunteer!”

  1. STEPHEN SMITH says:

    Is the sampling in Stoughton being done the same day as I do my O2 metering? I think it is. I could do it but probably not until after the 8 am time limit. Let me know.

    • Hi Steve!

      Yes, it’s done during the same time and samples need to be turned in by 7:30 am. Probably too much to add on top of your DO measurements 🙂

      Thanks for reaching out!

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