Hope at the DCR Golf Course

Hope is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “to want something to happen or be true“, but in our case Hope is a 50-something year old woman, who spends her days wandering the DCR Ponkapoag Golf Course, picking up bits and bobs, and otherwise trying to make purpose of her days.

She’s a frequent visitor to our building and is never shy about making herself known.  While not an official employee, she has integrated herself into our organization, and makes a point to stop by each and every office to check in and say hello – and she often joins us for lunch.  Although her methods can be disruptive at times, we do tend to miss her when we haven’t seen her for a while.

I saw her thru the window the other day, in her familiar hat and big jacket, carrying her walking stick and plastic trash bag, and thought to myself how remarkable she truly is.  She has been “overseeing” the Ponkapoag Golf Course and surrounding Ponkapoag Pond trails for over 28 years, and walks to “work” from her home in nearby Randolph, regardless of the weather.  She spends hours outdoors doing what she can to help out, and it’s obvious to anyone who speaks to her that she takes her job very seriously.

Hope is someone that often falls under the radar and deserves more credit than she gets.  She struggles with something that we’re not privy to, and some days are much harder than others, especially when she feels slighted about something.  It’s easy to dismiss her because she’s a bit quirky and not always easy to deal with, but she’s got good intentions and a big heart.  What’s clear to me is that she’s found her place in the world and brings hope to everything she does.

Hope is a true native of the Neponset River Watershed.  She was born in Mattapan, lived in Hyde Park for a few years, and has resided in Randolph for the past 41 years. 

Nancy Fyler, October 2017




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