Hooray for Volunteers!

We can't say it often enough -- our volunteers are just awesome!

NepRWA staff relies on the generosity of volunteers to help out with multiple projects throughout the year. Below is just a sample of the incredible work they’ve done over the past few months.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact NepRWA Environmental Scientist, Declan Devine, at devine@neponset.org

9/11 – Cleaning up the Urban Wilds in Hyde Park. A team of 16 volunteers from Benesch‘s Boston office volunteered at the West Street Urban Wild in Hyde Park this past Sunday.

Volunteers removed non-native plants including multiflora rose, burning bush, buckthorn, and oriental bittersweet. The results are impressive: a riverfront park that is more accessible for the community and a better habitat for wildlife.

July 2022 — Storm Drain Marking in Canton. NepRWA volunteers (and volunteer dogs) have been hard at work this month attaching “Drains to Neponset” medallions on storm drains throughout the Neponset Watershed. These markers help draw attention to the storm drains and reduce the dumping of dog poop bags and other materials into our water bodies. Email Declan Devine if you wish to mark storm drains in your community.

Pictured are John Rosenberg and dog Polly. Photos by volunteer Betsy Klein.

7/12 Neponset Estuary Cleanup: 28 volunteers from Altra Motion braved two hours in the 90-degree heat collecting plastic pollution and other trash from the Neponset Estuary in the vicinity of Riverside Ave. in Milton.  In total, they removed over 350 pounds of trash. A special thank you to the Milton DPW for their support in removing the trash.

7/9 Cooper Park Invasive Species Removal: A team of 11 volunteers spent two hours cutting Oriental Bittersweet vines at Cooper Park in Norwood. Oriental Bittersweet can cover the canopy of mature trees blocking out sunlight and eventually killing the tree. By cutting the vines volunteers helped save dozens of beautiful mature trees within the park. Some of the vines were up to 8 inches thick!

6/23: Boston Scientific Cleanup: 32 Volunteers from Boston Scientific removed over 250 pounds of trash from along the Quincy Riverwalk and Neponset Estuary. The result is a better habitat for wildlife and beautification of the walking trail.

6/18: Walpole Town Forest Buckthorn Pull: A team of 7 volunteers removed the invasive species Glossy Buckthorn from the understory at the Walpole Town Forest in Partnership with the Town Forest Committee. Glossy Buckthorn can create a dense understory that blocks out the light and prevents other native trees and shrubs from growing up through it. Removing the plant will allow the forest to have a greater diversity of trees and plants to support the wildlife living there.

6/4 Environmental Partners Cleanup: A dedicated team of 12 volunteers from Environmental Partners spent two hours combing through the Neponset Salt Marsh to remove plastic and microplastics, including 12 hypodermic needles, yikes!

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