Getting Creative About Conservation

Since 2011, our Water Conservation Education Program has extended into the high school art department, where graphic design and technology students have worked on a variety of art projects to educate the public.

Storm drain mural at Sharon High School, spring 2018.

We visit the high school classrooms to teach students about their local water supply, infrastructure, and sources of pollution – and we discuss the role that they can play as artists and communicators. After our visit, students research water conservation topics that appeal to them, and create original art work and illustrations with the guidance of their teachers.  Their art has been used in posters, street signs, photographs, street murals, rain barrels, paintings and public service announcements.

Let us know if you’d like us to visit your school by contacting Outreach Director, Nancy Fyler at 781-575-0354 x307 or at

Click on images below for larger view.

Storm drain mural project at Sharon High School, spring 2018.

Rain Barrel project at Canton High School, spring 2018.

Canton, Milton, Sharon High School’s poster projects.


Multimedia painting project at Stoughton High School.































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