Herring Documentary in the Works

Blueback herring. Credit: USFWS.

Blueback herring. Credit: USFWS.

Here at the Neponset Watershed Association, we often mention river herring – in particular, the opportunity to restore these fish species (alewife and blueback herring) and others to more of the Neponset River.

Our focus has been to work toward removing the obstacles to fish passage between the estuary and the freshwater portions of the river – namely, dams.

We’ve been made aware that a filmmaker has been working to produce films about herring and their migration, and we thought you might be interested to learn about this project.

In a recent letter to the Watershed Association, filmmaker Shervin Arya writes:

I’m an independent filmmaker based in Boston, and my latest documentary focuses on 3 films about the natural history, latest science and conservation issues surrounding the river herring and the migration event.

Shot across tens of rivers across Massachusetts and Maine, the series is the first to capture a scientific portrait of river herring, along with insightful analysis from a leading panel of herring experts. I wanted to share with you the link to a five-minute introductory video.

Upon completion, representatives from all watersheds and conservation entities in MA and beyond will be invited to a screening event at the Museum of Science to take part in discussions aimed at implementing solutions for helping the migratory fish….

Attached is a one-page press release summarizing the essentials about the project. An expanded description of the project is also posted at the link above.

Shervin A. Arya, Filmmaker

Illuminating Minds Media

We look forward to seeing and discussing Arya’s herring films, one day, soon!

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