Foxborough Green Infrastructure Project: 2022

June 2022 —

NepRWA staff has been working with a diverse staff from the Town of Foxborough and Fuss & O’Neill to get the word out about both the project and provide general education about climate-driven stormwater flooding and drought.

For more information and to provide feedback, visit the project website.

Events have included:

  • an in-person workshop at the Lane Homestead Learning Center on April 23rd.
  • a discussion on Around Foxborough which will air on Foxborough Cable Access.
  • a presentation to the 5th-grade classes in Foxborough through in-person, hands-on lessons about stormwater and groundwater recharge.
  • a virtual climate workshop held on June 1st. See the video below.

Watch NepRWA Advocacy Director, Kerry Snyder, speak about the Foxborough MVP Program on local cable show, “Around Foxborough”.

December 2021–

The Town of Foxborough was recently awarded a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grant by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

The goal is to identify potential areas that would benefit from green infrastructure to treat polluted stormwater runoff and reduce the increased flooding we expect as a result of climate change.

Using green infrastructure—natural areas or engineered practices that mimic nature—will help reduce flooding and treat polluted stormwater before it enters our rivers, streams, and ponds. Basically, the structures are designed to filter and absorb stormwater where it falls.

NepRWA staff will be working with the Town of Foxborough and Fuss & O’Neill on identifying the best green infrastructure locations in the town. NepRWA staff will also manage residential outreach and education programs, including a school program for 5th graders. The program will run through June 2022

For more information and to provide feedback on the project visit the project website.

What is Green Infrastructure?

Some simple examples of green infrastructure include rain gardens and permeable pavement, like stone or pavers.

Below are examples of more engineered designs.



The map below shows areas in Foxborough where flooding occurs and where there might be opportunities for green infrastructure.

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