Final Funding for Neponset Riverwalk

Quincy Riverwalk 6-2013

Quincy Riverwalk
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For decades, NepRWA and others in Quincy have longed for a “Riverwalk”, comparable to the Harborwalk and the Neponset Greenway in Boston. The first half of Quincy’s 3 mile long Neponset Riverwalk, beginning at the pile-supported gazebo at Adams Inn, were constructed over many years via NepRWA’s negotiation with private waterfront developers. Then, last year, Boston Scientific expanded its publicly accessible walkway along the river to include all of Commander Shea Blvd. Finally, this summer, the City of Quincy appropriated to NepRWA nearly $100,000 of Community Preservation Act funds to complete the Riverwalk from Boston Scientific to the mouth of the Neponset at Squantum Point Park, near Marina Bay. Work is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2014.

The Neponset Riverwalk lies directly adjacent to a new handicapped accessible ramp to the Neponset River Bridge walkway. Once in Boston, it’s just a couple of hundred yards to the Neponset Greenway and Pope John Paul Park. The Greenway is scheduled to be expanded next year from the mouth of the Neponset all the way to the Martini Shell in Hyde Park, allowing pedestrians and bicyclists miles of waterfront access.

Steve Pearlman, Advocacy Director, September 10, 2013

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