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Our new climate initiative starts with YOU! Please consider a gift or pledge before year-end.

On June 28, 2020, in just 90 minutes, four and a half inches of rain fell over a small, heavily paved area of Norwood Center.

Unable to soak into the ground, the flood overwhelmed Norwood’s storm drain system, destroyed a major regional hospital, and damaged dozens of homes and businesses.

Costs have run into the millions, including the evacuation of 150 patients and the furlough of 829 hospital workers.

The flood was followed by three heat waves and a Level 3 “critical” drought.


Our cities and towns and our waterways were never designed to handle weather like this. We need to make our communities and our river more resilient. We need to do it now.

It’s Time to Invest in the Future

NepRWA has a thoughtful and ambitious strategic plan to work in partnership with our communities and prepare for extreme weather. Together, we will:

  • Install more “green infrastructure” in our neighborhoods to reduce street flooding and cool things off during heatwaves.
  • Protect and restore the 500-year floodplain so that floodwaters have somewhere to go other than into homes and businesses during the next downpour.
  • Make sure developments are properly designed to keep future (and current) homeowners and renters out of harm’s way during the next extreme weather event.
  • Remove or rebuild crumbling dams and road culverts to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure and ensure our native fish and wildlife can survive.

Read our Climate Adaptation Strategy

Implementation of NepRWA’s climate plan requires new staff, interns, and organizational capacity, at an estimated cost of $120,000 annually.

Our hope to raise at least $20,000 in new or increased support from our members by year-end as seed funding to leverage an additional $100,000 from major donors and foundations.

Our new initiative starts with YOU! Please consider a gift or pledge before year-end.





Thank you for making the Neponset River and our communities clean, healthy, and resilient!


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