Art Students in Quincy Get Creative about Stormwater Outreach

Students in North Quincy High School's Design & Visual Communications class were assigned a different type of design project this spring.

Students designed their posters to work in a “tiled” format for greater impact. Individual posters are 11″x17″.

After a presentation on polluted stormwater runoff by NepRWA Outreach Director, Nancy Fyler, students worked with their art teacher, Kevin Motta, to create outreach posters in a simple and visually striking way, using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Before designing their posters, they researched the topic and discussed how to clearly communicate the message to their audience.

According to student, Sandy Cai, “It was a great experience to learn about how we negatively impact the natural waterways individually. I personally love the lessons I’ve learned about the origin of polluted waterways. I enjoy that we are helping others realize our impacts on pollution through making these colorful posters.”

The students who participated in the project were Sandy Cai (Grade 11), Brian Chan (Grade 10), Ke Chen (Grade 11), Nathan Guan (Grade 11), Herron Situ (Grade 11), Oliver Smith (Grade 11), and Songen Yu (Grade 11).

The City of Quincy is a member of the Neponset Stormwater Partnership (NSP), a group of cities and towns that aim to reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of municipal stormwater management programs through regional cooperation and resource sharing

For more information about NSP and how to reduce polluted stormwater runoff around your home or business, please visit





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