A Troubling Trail

Guest blog by Ruth Gopen, Sharon resident

Feb. 2019–

I’m a fairly new dog owner, though I actually never expected to be one. A handsome little pup with soulful brown eyes came into our lives last June, rescued from down south, and it was love at first sight. He’s full of energy and loves people, and everyone tells us how lucky we are to have found a rescue who is as lovable as he is.

Bryan taking me for a walk.

Now that I am so tuned into the responsibilities of canine ownership, I am really disturbed by the things that I see other dog owners NOT doing, most notably is the lack of dog poop disposal. On a recent walk in my neighborhood, I decided to take photos of what a typical 20 minute walk looks like for us…

It was disgusting to see and I have a very hard understanding how people allow this to happen! In a half mile circumference, I typically find 10 dog poops on the sidewalk, grass, and dirt. It’s disturbing, and as I have come to find out, it causes water pollution in our town.

Keeping Sharon beautiful means more than just having lovely houses, lawns and gardens, it also means picking up after your dog.

Read how dog poop creates water pollution: https://www.neponset.org/home-b-level/theres-no-such-thing-as-the-poop-fairy/

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